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A Comprehensive Guide to the Silver Fox:
Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Silver Foxes

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Please Note:

It is considered breech of  the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Protection of Animals Act 1911 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to take foxes from the wild to be kept in captivity as pets. If you are concerned about the welfare of a wild fox which requires rescue and rehabilitation for release, then please contact your local wildlife charity, the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, a dedicated fox charity (such as the National Fox Welfare Society or The Fox Project) or the RSPCA, as soon as possible. Do not attempt to take on the responsibility yourself. 

Captive silver foxes however, are domestic farm animals that were once bred here for the fur trade and have since been bred and kept as exotic pets, the release of which is prohibited. There are limited resources available for keepers of silver foxes. This guide serves to provide information on their care and welfare so that those who may consider taking on the responsibility of caring for a silver fox are fully informed, prior  to committing to the responsibility. If you are concerned about the welfare of a silver fox, please contact Black Foxes UK, the RSPCA or your Local Animal Warden

Silver Fox Background & care 

  • Silver Fox Natural History

Man's Forgotten Friend
Hunting and Farming
Genetics and Domestication
Keeping Foxes and the Law 

Silver Fox Diet & Nutrition
Feeding Behaviour
Food Enrichment
Farm Fox Nutritional Statistics 

Silver Fox Routine Health Care
The Five Freedoms
Ailments of Silver Foxes

Health & Safety Assessment
Specialist Equipment & PPE
Enclosure, Safety & Maintenance
Safe Lead Walking
Capture & Restraint
Human-Animal Interactions
Emergency Procedures

Environmental Enrichment
Stimulating the Senses
Natural Behaviour & Adaptations
Enrichment Categories
Developing an Enrichment Plan
Enrichment Ideas for Foxes
Enrichment Photo Gallery

  • Training & Socialisation

Silver Fox Development
Socialisation Periods in Foxes
Understanding Behaviour
Handling & Bite Inhibition
Toilet Training & Basic Commands
Harness & Lead Training
Clicker & Target Training
Veterinary & Welfare Training
Developing a Training Plan
Dealing with Problem Behaviour

  • Enclosure Design
  • Animal Welfare Assessment
  • Behavioural and Environmental Engineering
  • Fox-Human Interaction
  • Hand-Rearing and the Adverse Effects

Additional articles:

  • How do foxes show affection?
  • Can you train a fox?
  • Why do foxes smell so bad?
  • What is that fox doing? 
  • Why are foxes destructive?
  • Can I afford a pet fox?

Fox Behavioural Repertoire

Social and Territorial Behaviour
The Importance of Territory
Naturally Social
Agonistic Behaviour

  • Reproductive Behaviour
  • Adolescence (aka "The October Crazies")
  • Play and Comfort Behaviour
  • Appeasement and Aggression
  • Fear and Stress Behaviours 
  • Stereotypical Behaviour
  • Communication and Vocalisation
  • Feeding and Drinking
  • Hunting and Eating Behaviour
  • Locomotion and Activity
  • Caching and Scent Marking 
  • Grooming and Sleeping 

The Sensory World Of Foxes

  • Vision: What does the fox see?
  • Touch: How does the fox sense touch?
  • Smell: How does the fox smell?
  • Hearing: What does the fox hear?
  • Taste: What can the fox taste?
  • Hearing with Whiskers
  • Hunting with the Earth's Electromagnetic Field
  • Fox Tails: Tail Adaptations in the Fox

Silver Fox Biology

  • Morphology, Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Sexual Dimorphism
  • Violet glands
  • Fox Tracks
  • Fox Scat
  • Intelligence and Cognition

Fox Coat Biology:

  • Red fox, Silver fox, Red Phase Silver fox: Fur Farm Fox Colourations and Genetics
  • Samson Foxes: A Coat of a Different Quality
  • Coat Colour, Temperament and Domestication
  • Georgian Whites: A Domesticated Fox Project
  • Do albino and melanistic foxes differ from "normal" foxes?

Fox Systematics

  • Fox Species, Strains/Breeds, and Varieties
  • Can foxes interbreed and are fox hybrids possible?
  • Foxes - The Cat-like Canine: What's the difference?
  • Taxonomy of Canine and Feline Pets

Wild Fox Wonders

  • Wild Fox Facts 
  • Wild Foxes and Pet Safety
  • Helping Wild Foxes
  • Wild Foxes in Captivity, Domestic Foxes in the Wild
  • Wild Foxes: Do's and Don'ts

Recommended Resources 

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