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Black Foxes In The UK

The Black version of the European red fox (vulpes vulpes) is a rare sight in the UK and is something of a mythological creature. This melanistic or black fox carries recessive traits that mean it's appearance in nature is a rare occurrence indeed.

In contrast, the North American red fox (previously vulpes fulva) occurs in three common colours; red, cross and silver. The practice of trapping and breeding melanistic North American red foxes in the 19th century resulted in the 'silver fox', an animal model developed by the fur trade, then further domesticated for tame behaviour in an ongoing Russian experiment. 

In recent years, there appears to be a return of melanistic traits in the UK fox population and the number of unusual fox sightings has increased as a result. While some of these sightings will be of native wild foxes, some of the animals seen are that of escaped exotic pets ('silver foxes') in need of being located and returned home, which is why your reports are so important!

About Black Foxes UK

Promoting Awareness & Welfare for the Sake of the Silver Fox

Black Foxes UK was founded in 2015 by Hayley de Ronde and consists of a small group of animal keepers, educators, veterinary nurses and naturalists who are all dedicated to the collection & dissemination of accurate and reliable information on silver foxes and other red fox anomalies in order to raise awareness and understanding of this beautiful and mysterious creature.

While we will always strive to assist silver foxes in need, ensuring they get the assistance they require, we are not an animal capture organisation nor an animal rescue, despite our aspirations. Assisting escaped and homeless silver foxes has been an informal response to a need on our part. 

Our values of empowerment, accountability and integrity are drivers for our aspirations and intentions”

Have You Seen a Black or Unusually Coloured Fox in the UK?

If you have seen an unusually coloured fox in the wild and would like your sighting recorded, then pop over to our report a sighting page to add your sighting to the NBN Atlas.

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