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seen A Black or Unusual fox?

As of August 2023, records will now be maintained directly through the iRecord system which operates in conjunction with the NBN Atlas. More information can be found on our Citizen Science page.

If you require identification, please email us directly at Alternatively, you can join our Facebook group

If you have a concern regarding a captive or injured fox, please contact the RSPCA or smaller rescue.

Reporting A Sighting:
  • Follow the link to the form, Here
  • Enter the date of the sighting
  • Enter your personal details and email
  • Enter your name or 'Black Foxes UK'
  • Species: 'Vulpes - Terrestrial Mammal' 
  • Certainty: Aim to be 'Certain' but if you are unsure, select the appropriate option 
  • Enter quantity of animals seen
  • Stage: Growth stage - e.g. 'adult' 
  • ID Aided By: 'Black Foxes UK'
  • Upload any photos you may have
  • Sensitivity: Although not advised, you can blur the public record (e.g. to 1km), however this will influence the accuracy of the data
  • Add the location of the sighting
  • Add a spatial reference (use the circular button to use your current location)
  • Add the habitat the fox was in
  • Comments: Detail event and fox colour; any colour of fox can be noted.  
  • Lock any information you wish to remain off public view by using the lock toggle
  • Save the recording
  • Contact Us if you have any questions.
Pet Fox
Too Complicated? Try INaturalist.

INaturalist is a public access biological records system that also links to the NBN Atlas, just login in and record your own independent wildlife sightings. 

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