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I am an aphantic artist and fox keeper with a neurodivergent flare, creating digital art and AI art collaborations in order to help raise awareness of the silver fox and funds to support my fox rescue work. I feel there is a lack of artistic depiction of silver foxes (both the wild melanistic red fox and the domesticated North American red fox), so I decided to create the art I want to see in the world, dedicating it to these amazing animals.

I develop these works by utilizing Dream AI as a tool, providing it with composite images built from my own digital artwork, my own photos, my fathers drawings, royalty-free clipart images and previous AI collaborative creations. I then evolve the results and edit the final images, until I achieve the desired effect, suiting my creative vision. The work is edited in Pixlr and completed on a PC with a standard mouse. It can take anywhere between 1-3 hours to produce these works, from concept to final design.

The artwork on this page is not created by AI and word prompts alone, which may be the case for works tagged #AIArt and why I use the tags #AIAssisted and #AICollaboration, these are Human-AI creations. In a vague but similar vein, you can use an animal and it's handler for the trained behaviour, you can train the animal for the behaviour or you can perform the behaviour yourself; I train both animals and AI in order to achieve desired results... AI, it's a bit of an animal! 🦊

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Commissions start at £10 for a personalised digital print. All items available as 50cm x 70cm canvas prints, complete with certificate of authenticity:

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