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Don't under-estimate the value of your reports. Your input makes a difference!

In November 2020, Black Foxes UK became members of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), allowing us to collaborate and share data with other organisations that record wildlife sightings across the UK, increasing the impact of our citizen science projects. So watch this space for future updates and further information!

"Biological data collected and shared openly by the Network are central to the UK’s learning and understanding of its biodiversity and are critical to all decision-making about nature and the environment" 

The below map displays unusually coloured red fox sightings in the UK reported prior to 2017.  The locations are generalized and do not show any specific locations.

The purpose of this citizen science project is to identify missing silver foxes, ensuring they are captured and returned home to safety as quickly as possible, as well as to establish the degree of coat colour variation found within the UK fox population, identifying any trends within local populations. 

If you are using a mobile device then please follow this link for a fully interactive map view.  


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